More Winter Pond Care Tips – Part #1

Taking care of your pond during the cold period of the year can mean several things, based on where you live. If you’re lucky enough to live in the moderate climate areas near the coastline, simply removing the excess debris from the surface and adding special chemicals should set you up for the winter. If you live up in the north, you may want to invest in a pond heater. These are available for about 60 dollars and doesn’t take too much of electricity to operate. It’s your decision of either keeping your pond running for the winter, or shut it down. To shut your pond down, first disconnect the pump, take it out of the pond, and keep it indoors, sunken in a bucket of water to keep the seals from drying out.

Koi fish are natural cold water fish. They can adapt to the living conditions under the ice, that is if they can breathe. They need oxygen to breathe. Fish use their gills to take the oxygen from the water. This in turn creates two by-products – carbon monoxide and ammonia. Both of those are lethal for the fish. While in the months when the ponds surface is open (no ice) and the plants are thriving, the carbon monoxide is blown into the air and consumed the plant life in the pond. Ammonia is eliminated by using the pond filter and biological processes. So when the ice forms on the surface, keep a hole on top of it. This dissipates the carbon monoxide and helps the oxygen get inside the pond.

frozenpondFish that are kept in a pond that’s clean and not too populated pond should be alright, even if the pond surface freezes. If the surface becomes entirely frozen, keep in mind to not break up the ice by striking on it. You can cause shockwaves that can severely harm your fish. Hold a small pot of hot water on the ice to melt a hole in it. Do not throw the hot water on the ice, this will simply let more ice to form.

Winter Care Pond Guidelines

Some simple tips for caring your pond in your backyard garden.

  • Moderate Climates

If there is not to be expecting any icy weather, just let everything in the garden pond and up to nature. The plants will turn up black and go sleep (plant Water Hawthorne for winter blooms) and they will return normal in the next spring.

  • Chilly Climates

If you do not believe to have more than 6″ of ice on your pond, you can keep the plants in the pond given the plant’s roots will be under the ice line. Tropical water lilies must be taken out and stored indoors for sure. You can also fix a quick fiberglass cover for the pond or use a pond de-icer tools. You should also remove koi fish if you have any.

  • Very Cold Climates

If you anticipate to have more than six inches of ice/snow or even to expect the pond to freeze entirely, then you should take out all of the plants for the winter season.

  • Stocking Pond Plants

Remove plant, pot, and put in a large clean and see-through plastic trash bags. After that, double bag, seal and label. Store in a dark location at 50 – 60 degrees F.

  • Keeping Tropical Water Lilies

Remove the plant from its pot, wash the plant and place in a container of water. Replace the water every day and allow the bulb to harden. Get rid of the excess roots and foliage. Store the bulbs only in a small bag of damp sand. Also double bag the bulbs, seal and tag them for spring. Store in a dark place at 50 – 60 degrees F.

  • Setting up a Fiberglass Cover

Build a structure of 2x4s to sustain the sheets of fiberglass. Make sure the cover remains on at night, even if the winter_pond_waterfallweather warms briefly. Use a pond de-icer to keep the water at a steady temperature. Plants shielded by a cover from the winter cold and warmed with a de-icer will come to life sooner and faster when the spring comes.

How To Select Dress Shoes for Women

Every woman is aware of the meaning of their clothes and styling elements. But as new creations and trends overflow the market, the makeup and accessories women choose are picked according to the event they have to attend. Keeping the changing preferences of women in focus, designers are now making accessories for every choice and desire. One of the most essential components that carry out the attire is the woman’s shoes. Women can choose their shoes for formal, semi-formal and casual to fit the clothing and occasion.

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